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October’s Character Sketch – Scott Harp

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*Scott Harp is a well-liked character in Finding Faith and resembles the character of Laurie in Little Women. Scott is Jesse’s best friend and the two can often be spotted together either riding, fishing, or teasing their younger sisters. Scott enjoys helping his family and friends out when they need him, and he is always there at a moments notice!


Fun Facts about Scott:

Hobbies ~riding, ice skating, planting, fishing

Lifelong dream ~ to be a farmer on his own land

Birthplace ~ England

Most exciting trip ~ traveling by wagon from Pennsylvania to Minnesota

Home ~  farmhouse in Minnesota

Siblings ~ younger sisters, Caddie and Julie   

Meaning of “Scott” ~ Person from Scotland 

Personality ~  sensitive, caring, teasing, family-oriented 

Favorite color ~  brown 

Hair Color/Eye Color ~ blue eyes, brownish/blond hair

Favorite Tradition/Holiday ~ Harvest celebration and dancing 

Life Verse ~ Matthew 6:25-34

Any other questions you have about Scott? Leave a comment below! Also, stay tuned for November’s Character Sketch, Heather Bow!