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Behind the Scenes – Harvest Time!

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Behind the Scenes – Harvest Time!


It seems as though the busyness will never cease. The harvest season is just beginning. For the harvest, we help our neighbors and friends by going over to their house when their corn, wheat, apples, or something else is ready to be picked. The men and the boys work out in the fields, the ladies cook a meal, and the kids can play together. In the evenings, there is a party of some sorts, more like a dance. ~Finding Faith, September 5, 1854 


Doesn’t that sound like such a fun occasion? Growing up, I have often wished I could attend a harvest party like the ones Carolyn attended. But then again, the harvest is not all about the party. For families growing up in the 1800’s, bringing in a bountiful harvest was how they knew that they would make it through the winter and the rest of the year. They work hard all year and this is when they see it “paid off.” The party aspect came in when neighbors would help neighbors bring in their harvests. Many hands do make the task go quicker and afterwards, there was food and fellowship. People often looked forward to visiting their neighbors and friends on days other than Sundays.

But the harvest doesn’t just entail wheat or corn, though that is the big crop. Each individual family grows a garden and from which the eat from the rest of the year, if they planned accordingly. These end-of-summer times were busy for the whole family as they worked together to bring in the harvest!