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June’s Character Sketch ~ Laura Anne Woodsmall

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June’s Character sketch will be on Laura Woodsmall, the youngest of the Woodsmall sisters! Laura is the featured writer for Accepting Change the third diary in the series, Diaries of the Woodsmall Sisters.

*Laura Anne Woodsmall is the youngest daughter of George and Juliana Woodsmall. Laura is the most adventurous out of her two sisters and can often be found out romping outside rather than indoors sewing or reading. She has a sensitive spirit, but at the same time, can be outspoken when anyone says anything bad about one of her siblings.


Fun Facts about Laura:

Hobbies ~ riding, playing outdoors

Lifelong dream ~ to travel and nurse

Birthplace ~ Sweden

Most exciting trip ~ crossing the Atlantic Ocean

Home ~ farm in Minnesota

Siblings ~ older brother Jesse, older sisters, Carolyn and Bethany 

Meaning of “Laura” ~ Laurel

Meaning of “Anne” ~ Gracious, Merciful

Personality ~ protective, outdoorsy, considerate, outspoken, helpful, caring

Favorite color ~ Blue

Hair Color/Eye Color ~ light brown hair, hazel eyes

Favorite Tradition/Holiday ~ Christmas celebrations

Life Verse ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Birthday ~ August 3  


Any other questions you have about Laura? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Also, stay tuned for July’s Character Sketch, Kristen Cradle, the Woodsmall Sister’s cousin!