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May’s Character Sketch ~ Bethany Rose Woodsmall

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May’s Character sketch is here on time and I will be focusing on Bethany Woodsmall! Consider this as one of your “sneak peeks” inside Bethany’s head since her story, Discovering Hope, is not ready for publication yet!

*Bethany Rose Woodsmall is the middle daughter of George and Juliana Woodsmall. Following the tradition of her older sister Carolyn, Bethany receives and writes in a diary that she was given on her 13th birthday. Bethany has a more quiet personality and enjoys doing indoor activities rather than spending the time outside. She considers her family to be her best friends especially her sisters, Carolyn and Laura.


Fun Facts about Bethany:

Hobbies ~ quiet, sew, crochet, read, bake

Lifelong dream ~ to be a wife and mother; be a teacher

Birthplace ~ Sweden

Most exciting trip ~ boat ride to America

Home ~ farm in Minnesota

Siblings ~ older brother Jesse, older sister Carolyn, and younger sister Laura

Meaning of “Bethany” ~ Place of Figs; town near Jerusalem

Meaning of “Rose” ~ Rose

Personality ~ Peacemaker, gentle, kind, devoted, loving, quiet

Favorite color ~ Purple

Hair Color/Eye Color ~ Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes

Favorite Tradition/Holiday ~ New Year’s Day! 

Life Verse ~ Lamentations 3:22-23

Birthday ~ November 7


Any other questions you have about Bethany? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Also, stay tuned for June’s Character Sketch on Carolyn’s youngest sister, Laura Anne Woodsmall!