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April’s Character Sketch – Jesse Woodsmall

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Here is April’s Character Sketch better late than never! I must say that with all time the book has taken this past month, the monthly character sketches got pushed off a little.

*Jesse Woodsmall is Carolyn’s oldest brother. As the oldest, Jesse is very protective of his younger sisters. He can be seen as a typical older brother as he teases his sisters, but he doesn’t put up with anyone else picking on them. Jesse takes after his father in desiring to be a farmer and he takes on the farm work any way he can.


Fun Facts about Jesse:

Hobbies ~ wood craving and horseback riding

Lifelong dream ~ to own his own farm and have a family

Birthplace ~ Sweden

Most exciting trip ~ traveling on a train from New York City to Minnesota

Home ~ farm on the Minnesota prairie

Siblings ~ younger sisters, Carolyn, Bethany, and Laura

Meaning of “Jesse” ~ Gift

Personality ~ protective, teasing, responsible, leader, caring, sense of pride

Favorite color ~ Green

Hair Color/Eye Color ~ Brown hair and green/blue eyes

Favorite¬†Tradition/Holiday ~¬†Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter–whenever there is a lot of food served

Favorite Food ~ kanel buns (cinnamon buns) and really anything Momma and Carolyn make!

Life Verse ~ Psalm 19

Birthday ~ June 1


Any other questions you have about Jesse? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Also, stay tuned for May’s character sketch about Bethany Rose Woodsmall, Carolyn’s sister and the diary-writer in Discovering Hope!