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March’s Character Sketch ~ George Woodsmall

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This evening, I will be doing a character sketch of George Woodsmall, Carolyn’s father. I hope you all enjoy getting to know him better and stay tuned for the book to be coming soon!


*George Woodsmall is Carolyn’s Poppa. Growing up in Sweden, he decided to move his wife Juliana and their four children Jesse, Carolyn, Bethany, and Laura to America in hopes to provide them with a better life. George has always been and always will be a farmer, but being a farmer comes with a lot of challenges. George seeks to lead his children closer to the Lord  and hold their hand through the many hardships the prairie has to offer.


Fun Facts about George:

Hobbies ~ Farming and building

Lifelong dream ~ To move to America

Birthplace ~ Sweden

Home ~ farmhouse in Minnesota

Parents ~ Adam and Kathy Woodsmall, who still live in Sweden

Siblings ~ older brother Philip who lives in Missouri, younger brother Amos and his wife Melissa who live in Sweden, and younger sister Kathy and her husband Cain who live in Sweden.

Meaning of “George” ~ Farmer

Personality ~ mellow, steadfast, fix-it-man, loyal, protective

Favorite foods~ pepparkokor (gingerbread) and eggnog

Hair Color/Eye Color ~ dark brown hair and eyes

Favorite Tradition/Holiday ~ Easter – celebrating the resurrection of Christ Jesus from the dead!

Life Verse ~ Isaiah 40:31

Birthday ~ March 2


Any other questions you have about George? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Also, stay tuned for April’s character sketch about Jesse Woodsmall, Carolyn’s oldest brother!